21 Residents . Monthly: 135 People Fed Meals . 75 People Receive Food and Clothing . 113 Attend Bible Study

Bakery House

Rebuilding the Breach Ministries, Inc. established the Bakery House for the purpose of housing homeless men in our community, reaching them with the love of God in Christ Jesus. We are open to men who are homeless, recovering from addictions, recently released from jail, have family problems or have made poor decisions. We require that they have a desire to change their lives and we feel the Word of God is the main avenue to rehabilitation.

Once they have been through the initial restricted period, they are free to work, but are asked to attend daily Bible study unless the hours of their job make it impossible.

Those who have need attend G.E.D. classes, others attend college classes. We encourage them to better themselves.

These men, along with our volunteers, become engaged in sharing the love of Jesus with the members of the community who come to the Bakery House for weekly activities. They help with the Wednesday community activities as well as do much other volunteer service work.

Many people go to bed hungry in this city of Gary, IN. As we share the Gospel, along with food and other needed items with these people, it goes a long way helping them see the love of Jesus. At this time, we offer Bible study, serve a hot meal, give out food items and distribute clothing and other household needs. This is available to men, women and children.

Each Wednesday the community is invited to:

  • Bible study at 11:00 – 11:45
  • Hot meal at 12:00 - 12:45
  • Food and clothing distribution at 12:45 – 1:30

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, a Ladies’ Bible study is offered at 10:00. All women are welcome. Please join us for a time of fellowship, study and encouragement. A light meal is served at 11:30.

How Can You Help

Our major source of funds comes from donation by people like you. Thanks!